Why Pathways?

Pathways is proud to serve the state of Georgia as a premier provider of applied behavior analysis services.  We truly believe we can make a positive impact on every client and are passionate about improving outcomes.

As an administrator and educator in public schools for the past 15 years, our founder, Becky Lamont was able to have a significant impact on the lives of children with special needs.  She managed over 300 autism classrooms in one of the nation’s top special needs programs in Fairfax County, VA.  After moving to Atlanta, Becky recognized that she could make a much larger impact in Georgia by starting her own business and applying her knowledge and experiences.

Many competitors simply focus on only changing behaviors through therapy.  At Pathways, we strive to provide robust and comprehensive programs combining ABA with educational goals that lead to greater independence, social inclusion, and increased daily functioning.

At Pathways we focus on:

  • Designing individualized programming for students based on their unique needs
  • Adhering to the principles and interventions that are evidence-based best practices
  • Flexibility for services including therapy services 7 days a week
  • Supporting our team of qualified and trained staff that are passionate about achieving outcomes
  • Excellent collaboration and communication between administration, staff, and the family to continue progress  moving forward
  • Utilizing the latest technology to support our company and client specific goals for instructional planning, data collection, analysis and consultation

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